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true showmance

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posted Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Well, it's the end of the road for the S3x-Super Strong Showmance(©me) Alliance.  Jeff is a pretty sure thing to go tomorrow.  And Jordan may just get carried to the end on the "anyone can beat her" theory.  There's very little interesting game talk at this point.  Natalie had some idea about trying to get Jeff's Hawaii trip and Michele's home theater dealie from the morph-POV by asking for them as bribes to keep Jeff.  Last I heard she was going to ask the DR if that type of barter is legal.  They likely wouldn't go for it anyway.  Michele's saying she's going to vote to evict Jordan, and probably push it to a tie.  I haven't heard much from Kevin, but if he does have to break a tie, he'll kick Jeff for sure.

meme point hohboy

They spent today doing Kevin's HOH wrap-up, twitter, pictures, blog, etc.  Jordan and Jeff packed, Natalie schemed, and Michele made the rounds thinking of the end game.  She's making nice with all of them, thinking F2 deals and jury votes.  And they all did their goodbye messages...and here's our goodbye to the showmance.

cam packin

The Jeff/Jordan showmance was one of the cutest in BB history.  Who knows if they legitimately like each other, or would have any interest in a real world relationship...but they came across as real enough for reality TV. 

shom kissy sleepy

Jordan is just adorable.  About this time in the season I'm usually commenting that "for the most part, these are not nice people."  But she's one of the exceptions to that rule.  She just seems like a legitimately nice person, who loves her family and came to BB to have fun.  Sure she wants to win, but one gets the impression she'll be happy with whatever she gets.  Even when she's crabby, she's perkier than most people ever are.  She plays the cute, dumb blonde so well that it's scary.  How she can get away with things like "I can't tell time" and "it's a peach!" and still have us going "oh,'re a peach" is beyond me.  And how is it that a girl with brand-new boobs only brought one bra?  Maybe the fake ones don't need all that much support.  I dunno.

#1 boobies jor

And how about Jeff?  He's not quite the sweet naive kid that Jordan is, obviously.  But he's definitely got that all-American boy thing going on.  We wanted to root for him from the start, when he just didn't fit in with the jock-clique.  And he played the game pretty well.  I do think he threw that first veto comp., but it gave us TECHNOTRONICS and the Tuna Fights.  He knew what to do when we gave him the coup, and he won a lot of the comps that he needed to.   It's too bad he couldn't pull out one more win...but then again, he's back to being the funny guy since he lost.  And how can you not love a guy who cooks, cleans, does laundry and waters the vegetable garden?

I <3 u chefjeff face

And together they're just too cute.  For most of the season they filled the underdog/us-against-the-world role perfectly.  It was so easy to root for them in the game and in the showmance.  And just when it seemed they were doomed, it was "Up to YOU America" to save them, and the coop-day-tat(©Jeff) did just that (with the added bonus of kicking Jessie the Pinhead).  Even their little bickering matches were kinda cute, though I have to say, they were the least fun during their HOH weeks. But all in all they were fun to watch.  And let's hope whichever stays tomorrow keeps some entertainment going for the last week and a half of the feeds.

2gether sad


BB is having fun with this too, asking Jordan if she's finally going to give Jeff an on-screen kiss, having them both do extensive goodbye re-takes, and even calling them in for a dual-DR.

BB: Jeff, please go to the Diary Room.
Michele: Oh no, they stole Jeff.
Jordan: We're going to be so bored without him.
Michele: We should sit around the table and cry about Jeff.
Jordan: Oh my God, no.  I'm not doing that.  That was so over the top.
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