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death of an (ad) salesman

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posted Thursday, 3 September 2009

I generally don't like to dwell on the evicted HG in a Thursday blog, but rather move on to the new HOH and the week ahead.  But, I couldn't resist this I'd much rather talk about Jeff even though "he gone"(©Jeff) than Nata-LIE(©Kevin).

jeff nat


We knew it was a lost cause despite all the typical BB misdirection.  So Jeff's eviction speech was pointless as far as saving himself, but maybe it served to remind Jordan and Michele that they can't trust Kev/Nat.  The goodbye kiss was not at all as advertised, but that's okay.  Livefeeders got our Jeff/Jordan goodbyes last night (check out Flashback on cam1 2AM-3AM if you missed it...good times).

redlight greenlight

And after all the work they put into their goodbye messages, he didn't get to see it?  Maybe Julie shows it to him during the extended Early Show interview.  However the hour long dual-DR session is gone; wonder why the prods bothered doing it?  Or maybe that's where the real goodbye kissin' went on.  And how nice for Jeff that he not only got the first eviction standing ovation, but that Julie told him.  Also good on Julie for slipping in the jab about the coup and how all the people who voted for him are wondering why he went with K/N.  He still doesn't get that he made the Great Mistake in kicking Russell, but I have to give him points for sticking with "it's no one's fault but mine."  That puts him a notch above the rest of the jurors.

goodbye vac

Speaking of the great is it that Zippy's telling them all that Nata-LIE's not 18?  I'm really hoping that if she makes it to F2 that someone asks her how old she is during the jury interrogation.  It would be fantastic if her bizarre little lie cost her the game. It's still amazing to me that the rest of them haven't caught on.  The other night, Nat got a little toasted on some hard lemonade and I kept waiting for someone to figure it out.  They kept mentioning her age, and Jordan said later she was waiting for "them" (BB) to say something.  I can't believe that no one realizes that there is no way CBS/AGP, etc. could sit by and let an underage person drink on their show.  So then I started to think they just don't care...but Russell's and Lydia's reactions to the truth blew that theory.

toasted highfive

Out at the HOH comp, the fact/fiction questions were pretty reasonable.  I did better than all of them, but then I've got the "outside info" they don't have. (Though I didn't realize Chima had issued an apology....) They all came close, though I think Michele was trying to throw it.  She either didn't think about the tiebreaker, or that was a took 24 cans to win that comp. so with Jeff's win plus Kevin and Russell being as close as they were to winning, those 3 alone had more than Michele guessed.

jordan michele

Anyway, Nat's HOH which is icky in my book for a couple of reasons.  It puts her 1 step closer to the end, and we have to listen to her all week.  It's not real clear who she'll nom, but it really doesn't matter. This is the week that it is REALLY all about the veto.  It's almost certain it will be either Kevin or Michele leaving this week; Jordan's pretty safe as the "weak player."  I think it would be great for her to win POV and show them all, but I'm not really expecting it.  But if Jordan or Michele gets it, Kevin will probably go.  If Natalie or Kevin gets it, Michele will probably go.

gotta win again ruh-ro


And it turns out they were right....Pandora's box isn't over.  This time Julie said it's bound to affect the game (last week she said it could affect all the HGs).  I've already seen speculation that it's another jury tampering opportunity, like the one Dan got last year.  I kind of hope that's not it, but with all the recycling this year, I suppose I shouldn't be surprised if they're reusing an idea. The TV ad is saying "the jury house is packing the surprise"...whatever that means.  I just hope to God they aren't sending Jessie back into the house again.


For those who care about these things as I do: Russell was back to post-eviction shot in the credits...I'm still thinking Tuesday was just an oopsie.  And the fishies on the liveshow were due to Kev saying "mofo."  They really confused me, because I didn't think anyone said anything fish-worthy.  But Kevin confirmed that when he went up to HOH for his Julie chat, the producer told him that was not an okay word.  "Bent over a box and handcuffed" was allowed though.

And the schedule's official: this Sunday is noms, Tuesday POV, live eviction, start of Final HOH.  Thursday, Final HOH and last eviction.  Next Sunday will either be a retrospective, or no-show and then the finale on Tuesday.

odd shot walls

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