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the reign of queen Nata-LIE

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posted Friday, 4 September 2009

I got tired of listening to all the falsehoods dripping out of nata-LIE's mouth last night and gave up before she even got her HOH room.  I checked out the reveal on FB today, and it wasn't terribly exciting.  The rest of them still can't seem to figure out her age lie, despite the fact that her HOH room included pics of her clearly older b/f, a pic herself as a bridesmaid at a friend's wedding...a friend she claimed to have just graduated high school with, and alcohol.  And for some reason Kevin sat around for like 10 minutes holding this picture of a young Natalie as if she was a missing child for a news conference or something.  Anyway.

queenie 7th grade

Jordan and Michele spent most of today floating around in the pool, while Kev/Nat were upstairs planning her nom. speech.  Nat's big plan is to nom Michele and Kevin, citing Michele's betrayal of Chima, and Kev's old "chess queen" analogy.  She claims to Kevin that she wants Michele gone, and to Michele that she wants Kevin gone.  Who knows what she really wants.  She may not even care.

jorfloat michfloat


They got all dolled up for noms, and went off behind trivia around 5PM BBT, the typical nom time.  But when they came back, it wasn't noms, but rather Pandora's Box, Part II.

mich jord

We have no idea what it was, since it seems only Nata-LIE knows.  From what I can gather she decided to keep whatever it was for herself (greedy bizatch©Kevin).  At first she told them that it wasn't good and that she didn't want to talk about it.  Then Kev told her she needed to say something b/c she was acting weird and they were all going to assume she had some secret power.  So then she told them that she had a chance to spend time with a "loved one" but had to give up playing in the POV.  She says she got to see her b/f and that he proposed to her (with a twist tie).

greedy bizatch

I'm pretty sure the "loved one" part is total B.S.  How could that possibly be "bound to affect the game"?  Plus it has nothing to do with the jury house, which the CBS ads alluded.  I'm still going with the recycled jury tampering twist from last year.  I'm also guessing she really can't play in the POV.  If that part was a lie, she'd get caught tomorrow.  And that all fits in with the idea that she doesn't care who goes out this week.  Smart money is on Michele to win the veto again anyway, and Nat not having a chance to win it keeps more "blood" off her hands.

michele kevin

The we're off to fishtank land again...this time for noms.  We come back to hear Nata-LIE going on and on about how much she wants Kevin to go....while he's sitting right there.  If she wanted Michele to believe it, it might be more convincing to talk shit behind his back. And then K/N have a quick storage room check-in where she tells him that she's going to keep playing it up that she wants him out so maybe Michele won't try as hard for the veto.  Yeah, cuz she's that dumb.

uh-huh dumdedumdum--not

In other news...they got the little table.  And I finally got a nice F4 quad shot.

minitable quad

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