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the show must go on

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posted Saturday, 5 September 2009

As we get down to the end of BB the feeds tend to get duller as the show gets more exciting.  The problem is that the suspense is built for the TVOVs...who will win what?, etc., etc.  But the livefeeders tend to know what's what.

whats what

So, the TVOVs won't know anything until Tuesday, but we know that they played veto today and that Kevin won.  We didn't get a lot of detail on what was involved in the comp.  There was something about HG faces...maybe putting things in order of HOH/POV/noms from each week.  They usually do that comp at some point...though I'm thinking it's usually part II of the Final HOH.  Anyway, we'll find out on Tuesday.

pov no-pov

So, Kev will veto himself and Jordan will be the repl-nom.  It's a good chance that Michele will be the one to go on Tuesday.  Regardless of who would make a better F2 choice, Michele has a much greater chance of winning part or all of the final HOH, so Jordan's the girl to keep this week.


BB gave them all some new clothes via some sort of luxury comp. on Thursday night.  Tonight they put on a DR "suggested" fashion show.  Natalie in particular benefited from the new clothes, and is starting to look like a girl.  Jordan came out with her Jeff-tribute hat. There was some semblance of scoring and Natalie ended up "winning" for having the most improved look...and had a little victory celebration.  Insert whatever comment you want about previews for the end game.


The real highlight of the evening was when they each "nominated" an article of each other's clothing for "eviction" and then voted out one per person. They talked about throwing them on the BBQ grill and either burning for real or just faking it.  But in the end they just flung them at the door.


The night ended with the four of them sitting around chatting and just generally getting along.  Nata-LIE is still touting her fake engagement and is talking about how she's ready to move on to the next phase in her life.  Kevin tried to educate the girls on guy and porn.  Jordan told Jordan-stories, which were good for a few laughs.

the ring kev jord

The still haven't figured out that they're on an accelerated schedule (and likely won't until Monday, which is the first time things will change for them).  At one point tonight Michele commented that it's going to be a long week and said "hopefully they will give us something to do before Thursday."  How about an eviction?

announcer something

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