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the girl who cried wolf

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posted Sunday, 6 September 2009

The problem, of course, with lying all the time, is that people don't believe you even when you're telling the truth.  I was shocked to learn that Nata-LIE's whole engagement story was not, in fact, a lie.

true lies

And what's up with that, Big Brother?  How was that "bound to affect the game"?  Hmmm??? Just because she can't play for the veto.  The final 4 HOH barely has to care about the veto.  Especially in Queen Nat's case....she doesn't really care who goes, as long as it's not her.


Another thing that struck me from tonight's show was that after Natalie has been all over other people for violating the BB rule that you can't tell someone that you are going to nominate them, she turned around and did just that herself by telling Kevin he was going up.  It's kind of a dumb rule, but it's just another hypocrisy of Natalie.  And the whole nomination ceremony was just too much.  Natalie's outfit of bathrobe, blow-up crown and, what was that? the pool cue bridge? was just ridiculous. And why did she feel the need to go so negative on them?  Casting doubt on her alliance with Kevin is one thing, but deal with the devil?  It's Final 4.  Just say "it doesn't really matter who I nominated, it's all about the veto."


The clothing comp. was mildly amusing.  Other than Kevin, none of them had half an idea how to strike a pose.  Michele was probably doing the best, and Jordan was just adorable with her non-poses.  What the TVOVs won't realize(and even many livefeeders won't think about) is that the comp. was less than 2 hours after Jeff's eviction and Jordan wasn't quite her usual upbeat self.  And the blurring of the mannequin's "privates" was just too's a mannequin.

There actually is some question in my mind as to what Kevin will do on Tuesday.  If he's smart and wants to win, he'll kick Jordan and work with Michele to try and bounce Nat next.  He ought to know that he won't beat Natalie in the end, so if he wants a shot at winning, keeping Michele is his best bet.  Michele doesn't think she can beat either Nat or Kev, so if she stays and wins the final HOH, she'll probably take the one whom she would rather see win.  And with the way that Natalie has treated her that's probably Kevin.  The thing about Jordan is that they all think they can beat her in the end.  They may be right, but they may not be.  America almost certainly gets a vote this year, and though many BB fans gripe every year about the jurors voting "personally" do we really believe that the fans are not going to vote for the HG they *like* the best?


This week's AV for the Favorite HG to get $25K is an interesting turn of events.  Different from the usual jury prize because the early evictees are eligible, and because the final 2 are not necessarily ineligible.  I checked the fine print for something about if the winner was in the Final 2 the prize would go to the next highest vote getter, but didn't see it.

Once again, Kevin gets...


Lines of the Show

It's been 5 minutes and 25 seconds and Natalie is already suffering from HOH-itis.
If you would lie about good news, I bet this biznatch has by lying the entire time.
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