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rat's out of the bag

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posted Friday, 17 July 2009

When Ronnie Rat won HOH I was wondering how he was going to keep playing both sides when he now had to nom 2 people.  I decided if he was smart he'd pick an alleged pawn from each side and tell each the other is the target.  It shouldn't have been too hard to convince the JBT side...after all they "pawned" Chima last week, so they owe Ron/Chi. And Mr. Nationally-Ranked-Persuasive-Speaker ought to be able to talk they rest of them into any plan he has, right?


[Quick aside: I've decided to name the Jordan/Jeff/Laura/Casey/Michele side the Cool Kids Alliance - for now anyway.  Have to call them something....]


But you'll notice I said if he was smart...what he ended up doing was joining up full force with JBT and nom'ing Laura and Jeff.  He did tell the CKA that he's planning to b-d Russell, but I'm pretty sure that's a lie.  And if it's not, he's an idiot.  You can plan to backdoor someone...but if that plan falls through you have to okay with one of your original noms going.

jeff  laura

I'm not saying it was a dumb move...just doesn't hide his true colors.  He definitely thinks that teaming up with the brawny boys is the best move for him, figuring they'll win physical comps and he'll win mental comps.  But they're forgetting the great BB staple: the Crapshoot Comp (©BB6/7 Howie).  I'd really love to see Jordan win the POV and veto Laura.  Since Rat can't nom Michele, maybe he'd decide to actually put up someone from JBT.

jordan natalie

The feeds were on extended trivia block this afternoon for a long food/have-have-not comp.  While I was waiting, I started wondering about what exactly makes Ronnie a 'brain.'  BB seems to be making the common error of mistaking Giant Dork for Intelligent.  I went and read his official CBS bio trying to figure out what he does for a living.  They mention a "former job" as a travel agent, and refer to him as "this student."  He's 30 years old...and it's not like they said "this PhD candidate"... he's said on the feeds that he's a teacher, but that's not mentioned. They mention the debate champ thing, his extensive video/computer gaming, and Star Wars collectibles. To me that reads "unemployed loser."

ronnie rat

But then when the feeds came back, I ended up hearing a convo between Laura and Jordan about Dan hosting the comp.  Laura says Dan asked Casey about how he was handling things being a teacher and they talked about their respective jobs, etc.  Then Ronnie said something about being a teacher and Dan said "oh, I didn't know that."  Then later on someone asked him if he'd been watching the show and he said "yeah, but I might have missed little things like that."  So now Laura's convinced that Ronnie's not really a teacher.  Of course she's going the other way and thinking that he's something more impressive.  I just think he's a Rat.


Oh, and for those keeping score, it's the Populars in the asylum room this week.  They were both crying when they first moved in, but pretty soon they started to take it a bit better.  Meanwhile, next door Chima and Michele get into one of the most childish arguments yet, with Natalie instigating.  They were screaming about who gets to move into Laura's bed now that she's headed to the slop prison.  Chima felt she had claimed it first, Michele said Laura told her she could have it.  Natalie kept throwing her 2 cents in, and I kept wondering what the big f'ing deal was....there are about 10 other places to sleep in there.  It was soooo junior high.  Next Chima moved on to that she was going to just camp out on Jeff's bed and if he tried to physically move her she'd get him evicted for assault.

asylum poor little popular girl

It's usually not *this* early in the season that I'm thinking "I hate you all" (©Dr. Will).  I had a head start on hating Jessie, and that's helped along my distaste for Natalie and Lydia. But I'm already to the point where I often mute the feeds for anyone other than Jordan/Laura/Casey/Jeff. There are a few of the rest that aren't too bad, but since they're often with Jessie/Natalie/Ronnie/etc. I end up not paying much attention.  But I am trying to keep up on the weaseling from King Rat and JBT.  Yet, all my lines of the day are from CKA.


Lines of the Day

Jordan: (to Laura) I shoulda listened to you. You're smart.

Laura: I'm not a bitch.  Well, I can be a bitch, but I'm like the sweet bitch.

Jordan: Do a lot of people watch this show?Laura: I think so.  I mean, yeah.  The fans, the real fans are die hard.  They get the feeds and stuff.

Casey: That's why I had to stand my ground today.  I can't stand being strong-armed. Don't even tell me what to do.  I'm a grown motherfucker.

Jordan: I was just trying to be a bitch and be mean.
Russell: (good-naturedly) It was working.
Jordan: (perks up) Was it?!

russ jord

BB: Natalie, please treat your microphone with respect.

Casey: Did y'all hear Dan?  Jessie was throwing comments at him and he goes 'Bitter, table for one?'  I was laughing my ass off....

Russell: (group is talking about watching the show after being evicted) Your friends will all be watching it and asking about it and I'll be like "dude, do you know half of what I say is scripted?" You're in the diary room and they're like "so what you're really saying is" ... "yeah, sure, that's what I'm saying.  Could you make me sound like more of a douchebag?"
BB: You are not allowed to talk about production.
Russell: Sorry. God.

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