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we'll know when we know

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posted Sunday, 19 July 2009

Yesterday was POV day in the BB house.  In addition to Ronnie, Laura and Jeff, the picked players were Natalie, Russell and Casey.  The comp. had something to do with gathering coins and estimating values.  And it seems there were prize options.  Casey apparently won a movie viewing, and Natalie got a slop pass.  And Jeff got the pretty necklace.


Naturally, Jeff said he would be veto'ing himself.  The initial speculation was that Jordan would be the repl-nom and there was some talk of trying get Jeff to not use the veto, and protect Jordan.  That went away fast--they may be headed down the Showmance road, but he's hardly going to risk his own eviction to keep her off the block.  Especially when it's pretty clear Laura would go over Jordan.


And by last night there was a lot of talk of b-d'ing Russell.  He's started to make parts of Team Rat and JBT nervous.  Lydia keeps going on about how she's physically afraid of him, and thinks he'll throw a fit if he's nom'ed.  Amazing how short their memories are.  This time last week Lydia was putting her fate in Russell's hands, trying to get him to use the veto on her.  And now she's right up front advocating a backdoor plan.


So Rat, Chima, Lydia and Kevin decide they like the b-d-R plan.  They call Jordan in and explain it to her and tell her to act as if she thinks she's going up.  She goes to the CKA and tells them that Ronnie told her she's going up.  Michele points out that it's against the rules to tell someone you're nom'ing them.  Jordan doesn't know what to say, but later Rat tells her to just say he insinuated it.  I'm not sure Jordan knows what "insinuated" means, but whatever.


The original plan was to tell no one else about the b-d-R plan, but Rat got nervous that Jeff was going to go off.  So they called him up and explained the plan to him.  He's okay with it, happy as long as both he and Jordan are safe, and even happier if Casey and Laura are also safe.  R/C/L/K make a point of telling him that he's got to keep Jordan from spilling the plan.  Jeff starts asking who knows what and we get one of the most confusing exchanges of things like "Chima knows, but she doesn't know that I know? So when I'm around her I have to pretend like I don't know, even though I know and she knows and I know she knows, you know?"



Anyway, Chima tells Natalie what's going on and Nat's not happy.  She wants Laura gone, and doesn't want to lose a clique-mate, of course.  So she goes and gets Jessie in on the negotiations and they start in on trying to convince R/C/L/K that Laura is a bigger threat than Russell.  J/N want to stick with the repl-nom Jordan plan, but Ronnie feels like he can't do that because he already made a "safety" deal with Jeff/Jordan.  So then they propose one of the more bizarre "pawn" plans I've ever heard.  The idea is to make Casey the repl-nom, and he'll be a "pawn" but they won't tell him he's a pawn, and then at the last minute offer to vote to keep him, in return for a safety promise.  But they're going to kick-Laura no matter what.


So that's the plan for about an hour, until Jeff tells Ronnie that Russell called him fat.  And that switches everything back to kick-Russell.  Lydia/Kevin/Chima still want Russell gone more than Laura, but Jessie/Nat are pushing for Laura to go.  After fat-gate, Jessie goes to Russell and asks him if he really said it.  Russ says he didn't, well, technically he says "people are going to make all sorts of shit up in this house to make people look bad."  So, he's not technically lying (he did make the fat comment) but he's of course being misleading.


But Pinhead gets Russell to tell Rat he didn't make the comment, and it seems that's enough to get Rat back on the super-secret-pawn-plan.  Next thing we know, Jordan's lecturing Ronnie on how she knows what he's up to, planning to nom either her or Casey, so that he doesn't piss off JBT.  She tells him she's not going to believe a word he says.


This convo takes place with Jordan curled up in Jeff's bed (which I don't think she's allowed to do--if I understood correctly from what they said last week, the Have-Nots aren't allowed to sleep, even nap, anywhere other than the asylum room) and Laura's listening at the door.  After Rat leaves, Laura comes out and tells Jordan good job for telling him off.  And Jordan says she'll probably be the repl-nom now since she yelled at him.

conv spy

The plan seems to change at least once an hour, so there's no way to know what's really going on.  As I always say, we'll know when we know.

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