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posted Wednesday, 22 July 2009

We're going to have to do some quick catch-up for the last few days here, and hopefully get back on track starting tomorrow.  New week, new plan, right?  We usually don't get this far behind at just week 2, but the other reality show that we call "real life" sometimes interferes with this one.

Anyway, back to the BB reality. The whole back-door Russell, save Laura plan went nowhere.  Between Russell getting wind of it (via Zippy the Pinhead, who couldn't afford to lose part of his brain trust) and Jordan telling Ronnie that she knew he was full of shit, Rat went back to the original plan of "pawn" Jordan and kick Laura.

 brain hurts russ

The best part of all this is that for the Tuesday show, they completely left out all the explanation for why Rat backed off the backdoor plan.  They spent a good half the show setting up Russell as Target, so when Ronnie said "Jordan, please" and gestured to the eviction chair, I'm sure the TVOVs were like "WTF?"


Now, if the prods were smart, they could use this a sales pitch for BBAD and the feeds.  But they won't (and shouldn't--they should just edit the show so that it's a fair portrayal of what really goes on...or at least so that it makes sense).  And I suppose they could be saving the Jordan v. Ronnie or Ronnie v. Russell bits for Thursday.  But, a.) it won't make sense timeline-wise, and b.) they have new material, courtesy of Russell.

whoa so

After the veto ceremony, things really switched around.  Laura went and made a pitch to Ronnie, which is a little odd since he has no power at this point, but maybe she really thinks he's the Puppetmaster he wants to be. Ronnie reported back to JBT that Laura had told him that Russell was working to get her some votes.  When word of this got back to Russ, he confronted Ronnie.  By the end of the night the whole house was in full HateRat mode and had found a new common ground with a plan to kick Ronnie next week.

pitchmaster catch

Then Ronnie basically goes into seclusion in the HOH room.  He's been emerging only to go to the DR or occasionally to go to the kitchen when he's able to see the path is clear on the spy screen.  A few times Russell caught him out and about and continued with the taunting and stalking.  Nothing physical, of course, though at one point I thought he was going to start in with "I'm not touching you! Can't get mad! I'm not touching you!"  Nonetheless, Rat claims to be scared of Russ and wouldn't open the door for him, etc.

sequester skeered

But then today I caught a quick convo between Russ and Rat where Russ says he's got to keep pretending to hate him so the others don't catch on.  If they planned this whole thing, I missed it.  But if it was a plan, it was a damn good one.  If everyone is convinced that Russell should be the one to kick Ronnie and throws HOH to him, just to have him turn around and kick someone else....good drama.

 slip slide

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