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the great escape

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posted Thursday, 23 July 2009

So after a day of convincing the house that they had the biggest feud since, I don't know what, Ronnie the Rat and Russell the Rutabaga (I may have to work on that one), got together and had a little pow-wow. Ronnie had been hiding in HOH all day, and Russell snuck some food up to him.  Fruit salad and a diet pepsi, I believe.  Russ told Ronnie he'd have to sneak the dishes downstairs in the middle of the night so no one knew he'd been fed.  Sounded vaguely like a POW situation to me.

pow fud

Anyway, the confirmed that they're all still good--JBT is going around telling the rest of them that they Hate Rat now, but really, they're after Casey. (I'm pretty sure Jessie's not after Casey, but that doesn't mean his brain trust isn't...and that's another story anyway). Russ and Jessie had a little check-in later about things and Jessie did confirm Rat's in The Alliance, but when Russell started talking about Casey, Jessie trying to back him off.  Russell ended up saying that he's after Casey for the same reason Jessie was after Laura and (basically) Jessie just needs to deal with it.


So, then Russell gets all freaked out that someone's going to catch him coming out of the HOH room, so, in one of the most amusing moves of BB11, Russell stalks out behind Ronnie, and then slithers across the floor to the chess bench and pretends to take a nap.

 1 3 8

10 naptime

Sure enough, the whole time Casey was downstairs wondering where Russell was.  He searched the house sufficiently to determine that he had to be either in the DR or in HOH.  And even went in the DR to check.  He finally spotted him on the perch, and Russ came down about 20 minutes later and gave him a sleepy 'it's the only quiet place' spiel, but I think Casey's getting suspicious.  And he'll get even more suspicious if Russ wins HOH and noms him rather than Ronnie.

DR who me?

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