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posted Thursday, 23 July 2009

There are 2 things in the BB world that really tick me off: one, when they block the feeds for a long time for no reason (like not showing an endurance comp. or blocking for days after a double-eviction), and second, when we have to repeat something.  The worst I can remember was the re-run HG rip-off of BB9, but getting Jessie as HOH again this season, when he's already a re-run is a close second.


But first, the liveshow.  The eviction itself wasn't that interesting.  The girls had both rehearsed speeches, Laura's been working on hers for days.  I heard a version this afternoon that was better than what she did live, but the live one wasn't bad.  And there was no question who was going.  And Natalie's "mystery vote" was just silly.  Everyone thought it was a sympathy vote.  On the other hand, these things have been known to blow up before.  But if she gets caught in another lie (she's not technically been caught in the "I'm 18" lie, but I say it's coming...or that no one believes her and they just don't really care) she's going to become Rat 2.0.


And speaking of Ronnie...I was actually starting to feel sorry for him at one point yesterday, and today I went to check out his HOH blog and pictures, and they're just really sad.  There's one particularly creepy pic of the shower in the HOH bathroom, and the only shot with HGs is Natalie and Lydia glaring at him.

[Slight aside...OMG didn't these people ever learn to chew with their mouths closed?  I've heard at least 4 of them just chomp, chomp, chomp-ing's disgusting, and it's not like this every year.  Though there was the one time BB gave them gum.]


But anyway.  Any sympathy I had growing for Ronnie was totally blown away by the ridiculously sappy edit he got on tonight's show.  I would have even forgiven the poor-Rat story, if they'd given any clue to the fact that half of them are back on his side (allegedly) now.  It's just another way to confuse the TVOVs.  First they don't understand why he didn't repl-nom Russell; though at least they got some explanation that vaguely made sense from Ronnie tonight.  And now they don't know that Russell and Ronnie are BFFs, or that he's back in Jessie's Brain Trust (if he ever left).  So they're going to be very confused when Rat doesn't go home this week.


About the only good thing I can say about Pinhead winning HOH is that he can't nom Jeff.  The Jeff/Jordan showmance is definitely getting super-cute.  And obviously the prods have hope for it too, throwing the bit of "Jordan can't tell time" right into the opening credits.


So, that's about it for now.  I will leave you with some lines of day:

Everyone speculating about the "mystery vote."
Jeff: Ronnie, it was you again!
Ronnie: Right, Julie let me cast a secret ballot upstairs.
secret ballot man

Lydia: Why does everyone else feel warm, and I'm like a dead person?


And I always love these little oopsies....


Oh, and P.S.  All their goodbye messages to Laura?  They were just mean.  Seemed like the nicest thing anyone could say was Russell about watching her sunbathe (and even that wasn't meant to be kind).  But still, I'll give you one last gratuitous bikini shot...after all, she is a professional.



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