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two questions

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posted Friday, 24 July 2009

So, one by one the little hamster paraded up to Zippy's room and he asked them all a.) Why do you want Ronnie out? and b.) How does it benefit you?

zippy rat

The only one with answers worth mentioning was Ronnie ("I don't" and "It doesn't").  And the fact that he knew the questions speaks volumes.  Basically, JBT said they don't want Ronnie out, they want Casey out.  And CKA said they want him out because he's a liar.  Natalie also made a big time pitch to get Lydia nom'ed but Jessie wasn't going for it.  And this afternoon we heard in graphic detail from Lydia why that is....she's handy for him to keep around, let's say.


The girl fight potential between Lydia and Natalie is quickly rising.  And Jessie's just sitting there in the middle, taking whatever benefits he gets from either, listening to each bitch about the other, and doing nothing.  So, while Lydia takes care of the one head, Natalie takes control of the other.  She tells Pinhead exactly what to do and say, and he nods and goes along with the plan.  This week Nat took it one step further by going out of her way to tell everyone that she had nothing to do with Jessie's noms, didn't even know what they were going to be blah blah blah.  (Oh, and she did tell him she's the mystery rat vote.)


So if Casey and Pinhead really do have the SuperSecret Pre-Show Alliance that many out here suspect, Zippy's going to have to hope that Casey wins the veto.  That's about the only way to explain to the Brain Trust why he won't nom him.


They had their HHN comp and the Brains have-not once again.  And man, is Chima pissed.  She's been ranting about how she'd better get off slop by 9PM Thursday like Jordan did and get extra pillows in the asylum room like Jordan/Laura did.  It looks to me like there's 4 pillows in there, and it just worked out to two each for the girls last week.  I'm sure Ronnie/Michele will give Chima the extra pillow....if nothing else they may smother her with it by the end of the week.

pillows bitter

Jeff's the last one up to talk to Jessie before noms.  Pinhead asks his questions, but clearly Jeff's responses don't matter.  Jessie goes on in odd ways like he always does.  There was something about is Jeff intimidated by his 'physique'...Jeff says "uh, no"....Jessie then says "right, see?"....uh, no?  He hints around that he's nom'ing Jordan but doesn't come right out and say it.  Just says that he has to nom 2 people, and they might be different people than Jeff would nom.  Jeff asks about the plan to b-d Ronnie and wasn't that a house consensus.  Jessie makes like he doesn't understand what those words mean.  To be fair maybe he didn't.  And though Natalie was there to represent the Brain Trust, the only thing she really contributed was that she doesn't know who's being nom'ed b/c it's not her HOH.  Sure it isn't.  She's totally the co-ho.

pinhead jeff co-ho

In other news, we have a late entrant in the showmance race: Chima and Russell.  They've been getting snuggly and suggestive a lot lately.  They're nowhere near as cute as Jeff/Jordan, but also nowhere near as gross and Jessie/Lydia, or as bizarre as Jessie/Natalie. 

3rd contender cute

Lines of the Day

Jordan: I like George Strait
Jeff: I like George Crooked.
Jordan: I don't know who that is.
Russell: Whoa. Whoa. I'm laying here just guarding my balls.  That's all I'm trying to do.
Chima: (about the producers changing the have-not rules) They made a mistake? Please, how long have they been doing this fucking show?
Jordan: (about Jeff braiding her hair) Oh my God, you're like learning.
Natalie: You should have told him.  You should have said you're putting Jordan up.  Don't blindside him, dude.
Jessie: Thanks for piping up [before Jeff left].
Natalie: Well, I didn't want to be like....
Natalie: Did you watch other seasons before you came here?
Jeff: No.  Well, I watched last season right before I came.
Jessie: What did you think of how I played last season.
Jeff: Well, I wasn't really paying attention to you b/c I didn't know you'd be here.  But it just seemed like the house had one plan and you had another.
Jessie: I just did whatever I said I'd do, I didn't go back on my word.
Jeff: That's what I'm doing this year.  And it's not working out so good for me.
Jessie: Yeah, it didn't work out so good for me last year.
Natalie: But you're still doing that this year.  Right?
Jessie: Uh. Yeah.
Producer: Guys could you do me a favor and sit down, stop moving and stay still?
Natalie: So we can't play pool?
Prod: It would be better if you sat down.
Lydia: So you want me to stop folding laundry?
Prod: Yes.
(me: That was weird. )
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