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posted Sunday, 13 September 2009

I have very little to say about the review show.  There was really almost no "never before seen footage," even for the TVOVs.  The only thing I noticed that was not previously on the show was the Jordan/Jeff dual-DR.  I am glad we got to see a bit of that, though.  I think the part that made me laugh the most was the bit with Jessie going on and on about his greatness, with Lydia and Natalie falling asleep (and why were they at his feet anyway?), all with glowing devil eyes.

And I have to give a creative editing award to BB for the section about the Kevin/Ronnie fight.  The Kev/Nat dialog was dubbed in from later in the kitchen.  And Kevin does too remember what the fight was about: Ronnie's comment about Hitler having good public speaking skills.  My guess is that Kevin said that during the dinnertime convo, and that's why BB had them redo it.  Because during the second take Jordan mentioned the Hitler thing and got called to the DR and told that was a no-no.


As far as the game, I really can't figure out what Jordan is going to do if she wins Part III.  She's telling both Kevin and Natalie that she'll choose them, and to my ears, she's being equally convincing with both.  She's also doing an interesting thing where she's admitting to each that she's making promises to the other.  The only difference I can see is that she's being honest with Natalie about what she's saying to Kevin, but not vice versa.


Kevin, on the other hand, seems pretty committed to taking Jordan.  He and Natalie even got into a bit of a tiff today because he was going through jury votes and commented that he has no chance of winning.  Natalie tells him he won't beat Jordan and that he's "playing for second place either way."  Uh, Natalie?  Not the most convincing argument.

kevin natalie

My best guess at this point is that Kevin will pick Jordan, and Jordan will pick Natalie. They did their goodbye messages to each other today, so Kevin and Jordan probably had to think about their F2 choices a bit.  Not to say they can't change their minds.

j k n

They sat around the hot tub for a while tonight rehashing old comps and other things that happened in the house.  Natalie's version of events is amazingly different from everyone else's.  She's starting to tell stories of some of the things that she was up to in the early days, like covering the cameras in the bedroom with blankets and pillows.Then they move on to when their families will arrive in LA for the finale.  Jordan says she thinks they might bring her family from NC on Monday, since they have such a long flight.  Natalie insists that they will all arrive on Tuesday.  I have no idea how Jordan and Kevin haven't gagged her yet.

bossy killmenow calm

They break out the paint kit, and Kevin does a nice job on a BB11 plate (which, by the way, he can probably get a small fortune for on eBay in a week or so).  Natalie wants a mug commemorating her BB engagement.  But she says she's not artistic enough to do it, so she asks Jordan.  And then proceeds to critique her every step of the way.  Jordan just patiently does what Natalie asks.  I seriously think Jordan should consider a career working with small children.

jordan paints nat kevs plate

That's all for now...Feed 1 is on randomness again tonight.

random random red

Lines of the Day

Natalie: When I get mad like this I usually...I end up going to jail, because I do something stupid. 
Natalie: I'm going to start cooking.  I'm so mad right now.  In an hour you better be back to reality <goes inside>
BB: Houseguests, this is a lockdown.  Please go OUTSIDE and close the sliding glass door.
Natalie: <SCREAM!>
Kevin: <laugh>  
Natalie: (about "The Goods" luxury comp.) It could have been just me and Jessie and we still woulda won.
Kevin: He's not a god.  Stop it.  
Natalie: (about the plate paint kit BB gave them) This is for like 8 year olds.
Kevin: Ooh, this is the advanced kit. 
Jordan: (painting Nat's cup) You spell your name n-a-t-a-l-i-e?
Natalie: Yes.
Kevin: There's l-i-e in her name.
Natalie: I get it, Kevin.
Jordan: I don't.
Natalie: L-I-E, lie.
Jordan: Oh.
Kevin: That bitch has LIE in her name.
Natalie: (to Kevin) There's vain in your name.
Kevin: There's no A in my name.
Natalie: V-e-i-n.
Kevin: That's like (points to a vein in his arm).
Natalie: It's still "vain".  
Natalie: It's your fault Chima got expelled.  You woke her up to throw her microphone.
Kevin: No, it's your fault.  I was the only mofo who was like, Chima calm down.  You were like, oh Chima this sucks, you got screwed. Let's quit.
Natalie: I was going to quit.  I didn't tell her to quit.
Kevin: All three of you were like "let's quit and then they're fucked." And then they got you shampoo and everyone was happy.
Natalie: Technically you can eat off of these. It says non-toxic.  It says recommended for decorative purposes only, but it says "even though the paint is non-toxic...." So technically, you could eat off of them.
me:  *laugh* That's not what that means!  But you go right ahead, Natalie.
Jordan: (about Chima-gate) I don't know where I was.  I didn't know any of that.

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