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it's because they killed the spider

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posted Saturday, 12 September 2009

It was about this time last year that the feed operators started giving us extended sequences of the spiders going about their daily activities in the backyard.  Many livefeeders even named them.  I dubbed them Herb and Marge. So last night when they spotted a spider in the backyard, Jordan and Natalie started screaming, Kevin ran and got the bug spray and drowned it, I thought "Oh, no! Not Herb and Marge!"

Sure, enough, the cam operators are clearly bored.  The HGs didn't even drag their butts out of bed until noon-ish for Jordan, and around 3:30 PM for Kevin/Natalie. Jordan lounged by the pool for a while, working on her tan, then the camera had fun zooming in super close.  Now feed 1 is making a tour of random artsy shots.

There's nothing new to report game-wise, so I'll follow the cam operator's lead and just give you random shots of the day.

lounge pool

eye closeup

this just up nap

melons bottles bulb recyc


Last night Natalie did go through her dress options for finale night.  I'm not sure what, or if, she decided, but personally, I'm voting for the pink and black one.

pink beige blue

Okay, now the cameras have moved on to some sort of camera mating ritual where they're watching each other move around.  This is just getting weird.

notacam cam1 cam2 cam3

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