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stop, drop, and roll...but not necessarily in that order

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posted Tuesday, 8 September 2009

It's become a tradition...they start an endurance comp., Julie says "go watch it play out on the livefeeds"...we go, we wait, we whine "when will the feeds be back?"  Sometimes we're lucky and they come back fairly quickly...but lately more often than not, we miss the whole thing.


While we're waiting, a note or two on the show.  For once the "which way will he vote" confusion wasn't just a show by BB.  I think Kevin really did consider all options, and probably honestly hadn't made up his mind until the last minute.  In the end, he probably did the right thing for him.  Had he kept Michele, even if they'd managed to take out Natalie, he would have alienated a lot of the jurors.  And if he'd kept Michele and Nat won the final HOH she'd have just the reason to kick Kev.

kev the decider ass

Michele's devil horns were cute, and her speech was a decent last ditch attempt.  She's not the best public speaker, but she made some good points. But good points don't necessarily get you anywhere in BB.  Well, anywhere but out the door and on your way to the JH.


Jordan did not look too solid at the end of the show, and it wouldn't surprise me if she fell very early on.  Kevin and Natalie have a deal that if Jordan drops, Nat will throw it to Kevin and take her chances with Part II.  Part II is usually a comp of "line up HOH/nominees/POV winners for each week."  Given Jordan's performance in this week's veto, she probably doesn't have a prayer in that.  Michele "taught [her] so much" but seems to have skipped Jedi-drilling lessons.


On the other hand, there was water, and Natalie has already said she can't deal with the cold, wetness...and with the "changing seasons" maybe it will snow too.

Ah, there we go...feeds back around 7:27 BBT and everyone is still in it.  Kevin's got the best hand technique, with his fingers wrapped around the top of the key.  Jordan keeps switching between the usual wrap grip and the Kev technique.  Natalie's too short to reach the top.  Nat is complaining that her clothes are cold and wet and saying she's gonna ditch the sweatshirt soon.  Jordan asks what if it gets colder and Natalie says it's gonna be cold either way and she's better off without the extra fabric weighing her down.  So far they've just go rain and wind with blowing leaves.  Jordan does a good job of shielding her face, though I'm more worried about her stepping on the cuff of her pants, which is dangerously close to being under her shoe.

 jord kev nat

feet face

Ah, about 7:35 BBT and the sh!t talk begins from Nata-LIE.  She starts in on Michele and what a bitch she was, blah blah blah.  Then she says "well, at least she'll get to spend time in the jury house with Jeff, alone like she wanted.  Oh, she was so jealous of you Jordan."  Jordan says "Natalie, you're such an instigator." Natalie replies "I'm not an instigator, she was a bitch.  She was always saying 'Jordan doesn't even have to try and Jeff likes her...I try and he doesn't like me."  Bitch, please.


Next twist is that the log stops spinning.  They stand for a minute, wondering if it's broken.  It's not, just getting ready to go backwards.  Jordan complains that it's harder this way, and tries turning to the side.  Feeds go to trivia for a second and just before we hear the familiar voice of Mike O'Sullivan (the competition producer) saying "you have to face the pool guys." [Is it a sign of serious BB addiction that I know not only the name of the comp. prod., but that I actually do recognize his voice?]

feets  sparkle feet

They stop and change rotation directions a couple of times, it keeps raining and Natalie asks "what's that white stuff? Snow?"  Oh, please BB, let it snow.  Nat also keeps sneezing, and she's talking up a storm.  She does the usual thing of bringing up how much harder this is than it looks on TV.  I'm wondering if this isn't all a setup for her taking a dive.  She really probably can beat either of them in Part II, so it might not be worth the suffering to her to stay on.  And as of 8:10 BBT it's winter...and we have a blizzard.

snok snon snoj

The snow is now mixing with rain and the log seems to be moving faster.  I think it's also switching directions without stopping and both Jordan and Natalie are starting to look a little wobbly.  Kevin still seems pretty steady.  And then Mike O's back for a second..."hey guys, keep holding your keys, and if I could just have you flick your mics.  I won't start it while your flicking your mics with one hand."  I guess to clear the snow off them?

3 bumps on a log hoh rolling

This could go a while, so I'm going to post back with a part II later.

quad row

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