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posted Tuesday, 8 September 2009

10:28 BBT, they started up the rolling log and Jordan fell.  Kevin and Natalie are still hanging out, Nat's shivering and Kev seems okay.  I expect she'll drop shortly and Kevin will take it.

down key

Sure enough, as soon as Jordan goes in to shower, Natalie says "5 more minutes?"  Then she starts nervousing and asks for another reassurance from Kevin that he'll take her to F2.  He swears on all he can think of.  Meanwhile inside the producer gives Jord warm-up advice, asks her how she's feeling.  She says she's fine.  Outside Kevin and Natalie continue to argue a bit about whether Nat can for sure win Part II.  Natalie warns Kevin that "they" are going to try to get in his head.  He says, "dude they already tried and" ...cut to trivia.


F2 F1

Kevin says he's probably got another 2 hours in him, and Nat continues to bait him with "that's it?"  The snow and hail starts up again and Natalie asks if she should go now.  Kevin doesn't answer and she shouts "Kevin! Kevin! Kevin!"  Still nothing.  Inside Jordan grabs her BB bag and heads off to get dressed.  Feeds go to trivia...and when we get back....

Hmm....I expected Natalie to be down.  But she's still rolling.  If they don't drop soon, I'm giving up.  Some of us have to go to work in a few hours.

still going towel girl

There she goes...Kevin wins Part I.

down girl F2

And...I have no idea what this is, but I got a screencap of it...


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