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posted Wednesday, 9 September 2009

I've only checked in on the feeds a couple of times today, but it doesn't seem like we're missing much.  The HGs expected to play HOH part II today, but apparently Julie's comment that part II would be played live on Thursday was not a flub (as I and many thought).  Word on the street is Thursday will be just Part II.  There is no official word on when Part III and the eviction will be.

nat kev jor

After learning the comp. wouldn't be until tomorrow, the HGs speculated that both parts II and III would be live and the show would end with the eviction.  But that doesn't seem to be right.  I'm not sure why they're doing it this way.  It occurred to me a while ago that if America is going to get a vote, it would be nice to have the jury questioning aired early, even live.  I was thinking they could do the final eviction tomorrow, and air the jury questioning of the F2 on Sunday, then we have until Tuesday to vote, and the finale goes as normal.

But it's sounding more likely that they're all 3 going to stay in the house until Tuesday, play part III of the final HOH  and have the eviction during the liveshow.  If that's the case, then any jury questioning would also have to be live.  And if America's voting...well, that would kinda suck.  We'd have only the time during the liveshow to vote and that the West Coasters, esp. the TVOVs would get royally screwed. That also seems like an awful lot to do in one liveshow, even if it is 2 hours.

Oh well.  You know--we'll know when we know. No point in worrying about it...or biting your nails.

biting biter worried?

Anyway, this evening they got the practice apparatus for Part II (at least we're all assuming that's what it is).  It's some kind of skeeball type thing with 2 holes on a ramp.  After seeing it Natalie started bitching that if she had known part II was going to be a "crapshoot" she would have hung on the log longer.  It does seem like kind of a lame final HOH comp, unless there's a knowledge component we haven't figured out yet.  As I said yesterday, part II is usually the "who was HOH, etc. each week" thing, but with all the changes this year, we can't count on anything.  I would say "expect the unexpected" but that's so it's become expected.

practice makes perfect

I did get a bit of campaign talk from Jordan to Kevin earlier, with Jordan explaining how Natalie will win hands down if she goes to F2, but Kevin could have a chance to beat Jordan.  He's concerned, of course, with the effects of screwing Natalie at the last minute, but if it's between him and Jordan, they have to vote for someone...and most would probably pick him.  I guess since we're not expecting to have a final HOH tomorrow, I'll hold off on jury analysis.


A bit later Natalie and Jordan had a little check-in while Kevin is in the DR.  They both claim to the other one that they're lying to Kevin and they'll take each other to the end.  Nata-LIE will pretty much for sure take Kevin.  She's already got the votes in JH, and the only way she might lose them would be to backstab Kevin.  She's just trying to lull Jordan into trusting her and maybe not trying so hard.  She also tells Jordan not to let the DR sway her, and mentions that they tried to get Kevin to keep Michele. 

jord j/n

Now Jordan, on the other hand, is probably telling the truth.  I think she's still stuck on things Jeff said before leaving, and he was super-bitter at Kevin, and super-fooled by Nata-LIE.  If he would send her a message now it would probably be something like "that fucking bitch is 24 years old! Don't fucking trust her Jordan!" She also mentions that the DR hinted that they should "study" and so she's pretty sure there's some "question" portion to the comp.  She's getting pretty good at getting the balls in the holes.  The better Jordan starts to do, the more Natalie starts talking about how it's "straight up luck" who will win a comp. like this. I'm not sure whether it's more about trying to psych out Jordan, or more about saving face if Jor beats her.

jor nat

I also checked in on the Michele post eviction interviews today.  Nothing earth shattering there.  My major comment is that it was amazing how Michele and Julie ended up in coordinated outfits.  Julie did ask her why she changed out of her pretty dress and Michele explained that it was partly that she thought she had a chance to stay, but mostly that she wanted to prove to herself and to Kevin that she wasn't just giving up.  You have to respect that.  It's really too bad she didn't win that veto.... I also have to say, I'm loving Ross Matthews and InsideDish so much more than Gretchen and Housecalls. He is so much better at interviewing the HGs.  He's clearly a fan of BB (or doing an excellent impression of one) and he's just so damn entertaining.

michejulie micheross

Wow, that ended up a lot longer than I expected....I don't have much in the way of LotD fodder since I've barely watched the feeds...but I just tuned in for a second and got a line that fits right in

Line of the Day

Kevin: I'm thoroughly confused as to how tomorrow is going to work.


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