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a tale of two kevins

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posted Thursday, 10 September 2009

Before tonight, I don't think I have ever actually *cheered* out loud at BB liveshow.  I've yelled at the livefeeds, and cheered for veto winners, but I don't get quite so excited at the TV show.  Usually.  Jordan did it!  And smoked it!  The last minute Jedi-drilling (which it seems was inspired by the DR) paid off.  And practicing the ball rolling last night helped too.


And then we have that bitter biznatch, Nata-LIE.  Even as Julie was trying to sign off, she couldn't lose gracefully.  Sure, it's frustrating.  She got a week off in her rolling heads, and totally screwed up the second half as a result.  But her time was bad enough that to win she would have had to hit all 10.


Anyway, a few quick comments about the show.  Jeff's JH arrival was anti-climactic.  It feels so long since he was evicted, I'd kind of forgotten we hadn't seen his arrival yet.  I did think it was funny that Russell was standing there with a large carving knife as Jeff walked in.

The return of the "greats" was okay.  Everything they said was pretty predictable.  Danielle likes Natalie on a game level because they had similar strategies.  Boogie....I can't even remember what he said about the game.  All I remember is the baby gift and the "men are better speakers" comment. Dick was right on the money (no pun intended) that Chima wasn't thinking of the big picture.  And Janelle's rooting against Natalie, just like most of the rest of us.

dick janelle

danielle boogie

Speaking of rooting, how great was it that we could hear the slightly muted applause and gasps from the audience during Jordan's turn, and dead silence for Natalie? You know, I might even feel a little sorry for Natalie...if she didn't come off as such an irritating biznatch.

So, back into the house and our tale of two soon as Jordan won, I thought "wow, if Kevin is telling the truth, Jordan is now guaranteed F2. Who woulda thunk it?"  But the big question is, is Kevin telling the truth.  Or more accurately, which Kevin is telling the truth?

feeds dr

The Kevin we see on the feeds seems to be almost an entirely different person from the one we see on the show in the DR.  On the feeds he seems 100% BFF with Nata-LIE, but in the DR he's been saying for some time now that he wants her gone.  The TVOVs will see DR Kevin as the only Kevin, with the snippets that make the show just seeming to be convincing gameplay.  But, for the livefeeders, man, it is convincing.  And we'll see no more DRs, so as we watch the next few days of feeds, will we get any clues as to which Kevin is the real Kevin?

The feeds came back on super-fast after the show ended...we had the F3 chatting by 6:03 BBT.  Natalie was still bemoaning her loss and generally being bitter, and Kevin was trying to understand how she screwed up. Jordan was telling her she did just fine, and not to feel bad.  And while Natalie was playing the sore loser role, Jordan was clearly keeping her smiles in check to not make her feel worse.

Then they started being called to the DR.  As each went in, the other 2 got to have their check-in.  First to the DR was Jordan, and Kev/Nat chatted.  She said her life was in his hands, and if she'd known what Part II was going to be, she'd have never thrown Part I.  She wanted him to swear on everything that their deal was still intact.  He wasn't being as reassuring as he's been, giving me the first clue that maybe DR Kevin is in the house.  Kevin kept saying that if Jordan wins part III, she's for sure taking Nat.  Nat said no, she isn't.  She said Jordan just says she doesn't know what she'll do, and that means she's not taking Nat.  Nat/Kev each accuse the other of having a "secret" deal with Jordan.  Kevin says "of course I have an F2 deal with her.  So do you!"  Nata-LIE swears she doesn't.  She then starts in on how many jury votes Jordan will have, trying to show Kevin that there's no way he'll beat Jordan.

packed k

Next it's Kevin to the DR, and time for Natalie/Jordan to talk.  Jordan says she told "them" she's taking Natalie to the end if she wins part III.  Natalie seems to believe her and basically just tells her what she and Kevin talked about, and reiterates that Jordan can't beat Kevin.

j n

Then Natalie goes off to the DR and Kevin/Jordan check-in.  Jordan tells Kevin she was getting nervous that he's going to backstab her based on how nervous he was before the liveshow (when they still thought there would be an eviction tonight).  He tries to reassure her, and tells her they're still solid.  Jordan goes into a long analysis of how Natalie would beat either one of them in the finals, but against each other it's a toss-up.  Kevin agrees, and he tells her that he decided to ditch Natalie after Pandora's box.  He also says he doesn't want to string her along for the next 5 days and that's why he's stopped making swears and promises now that she's lost HOH, P2.  He's pretty much saying what we've heard from DR Kevin all along.

k j

So, it sounds as if both Kevin and Jordan intend to take the other to F2.  But there's enough doubt that either might take Natalie to make things interesting.  They do have a good 5 days ahead of them with nothing to do but waffle and stress over what to do, and campaign to each other.  Look for extreme campaigning from Natalie to both J&K.  And if we're lucky they'll keep comparing notes and all the scheming will backfire on Nata-LIE.  They've also talked America's Vote a bit (for my thoughts on it look for an update to "Vote Early and Often" shortly).  Natalie tells Kevin that Jordan will absolutely have AV, and Kevin and Jordan tell each other Natalie will absolutely have it b/c of the engagement and being "about to start college."  Kevin says to Natalie that since there's no show on Sunday, America has seen all of them that we're going to so there's no point in "talking about it" (i.e. campaigning for AV).  He says "I don't even know if I want to say anything for the livefeeds."  Um, Kev?  Who do you think votes in these things?


Lines of the Day:

Natalie: Chima was in Russell's hole.
Natalie: (about Jordan) I don't think we've bonded.  She helped me put a tampon in, but I don't consider that bonding.
Kevin: I made up my mind after Pandora's box.  Bitch screwed me over. I was gone.
Jordan: Ever since Jeff was evicted, I've been going over scenarios.
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